Nubia Laiza, Colombia, Rozali


passion fruit, kiwi, milk chocolate

natural white wine fermentation process

Castillo variety


Nubia has been growing coffee for over 25 years and started producing specialty coffee in the last five years. A few years ago, she used to have around 30.000 coffee trees, but due to the lower prices in the last ten years, she had to downsize her farm to around 10.000 to cut the cost of production.

This micro-lot is 100% Castillo variety. Castillo is a cross between Caturra (the male parent) and Timor Hybrid (the female parent). This variety was developed by Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (Cenicafé) to prevent the spread of leaf rust and at the same time to have a high yield harvest.

This coffee was processed with a special “white wine fermentation” process. This process started with a dry anaerobic fermentation for 30 hours, then dried on the raised beds until it reached 20% moisture content. The next step is to ferment the coffee inside grain pro bags for 80 hours. During this process, the natural and local yeast fermented the seeds, which gives its white wine like acidity. The last step to dry the coffee on raised beds until it reaches 10.5% moisture content.


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