Norbey Quimbayo,


watermelon, raspberry, orange blossom

extended fermentation washed process

Pink Bourbon variety


Three years ago, Norbey and his wife decided to plant 2.000 Pink Borbon trees because they were tired of dealing with the low C-price. This was a risk worth taking but they successfully produce this amazing Pink Bourbon coffee – a truly breathtaking cup profile.

This micro-lot is 100% Pink Bourbon variety. Pink Bourbon is a rare cultivated variety from the hybridization of Red and Yellow Bourbon. Not only the rare pink colour makes it so special but also the sweet and complex flavours. Pink Bourbon is quite resistant to leaf rust but very challenging to cultivate. It requires meticulous plant maintenance and the farmers must isolate their crop to encourage successful cross-pollination to produce pink cherry. Harvesting also requires extra care. Coffee pickers need to pay extra attention to subtle colour nuances that separate under-ripe cherries from the ripe ones.

This coffee was processed with an “extended fermentation” washed process. After the cherries are hand sorted, they are processed with a dry fermentation for 48 hours. Afterwards, they are de-pulped and dry fermented further for 20 hours. Then, dried on raised beds to ideal moisture content.


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