Jaime Palomo, Colombia, Supremo


strawberry, sugar cane, cream, milk chocolate

lactic and honey process

Castillo variety


Jaime Palomo was not always into coffee. On the contrary, until recently, he was a businessman in the city and had little or nothing to do with agriculture. He only moved to the country once he started his pension, where he bought the “Villa María” at La Mesa farm in Cundinamara 9 years ago. He quickly developed a deep passion for coffee growing and is always looking to improve the quality of his 6,200 coffee trees.

This coffee was processed in the well-known La Palma & El Tucán Wetmill. La Palma & El Tucán focuses strongly on sustainability and uses processes that save water and recycle vegetable by-products in organic compost.

A mixture of anaerobic fermentation and honey processing create an incredible taste of Strawberries, Sugarcane, Cream and Chocolate. For honey processing, a pre-fermentation of 45 hours is carried out before the cherries are removed in the next phase of the pulp. Anaerobic fermentation is characterised by a minimal interaction between oxygen and coffee cherries, which means that bacteria and yeast cultures feed on the sugars of the mucilage and form lactic acid, which creates an exceptional cup profile. The coffee was then dried on African dry beds for 15 days.


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