Don Alexis, Costa Rica, Rozali


orange, red apple, sugarcane

honey process

Catuai variety


Don Alexis Honey is what delicious classic Costa Rican coffee is all about. It is a sweet coffee with flavours that remind us of orange, red apple and sugarcane.

We named this coffee Don Alexis to pay respect to Don Alexis Ramirez: the producer of this amazing coffee and a man who dedicated his whole life to producing outstanding coffees. His 15 hectares farm is located at around 1700 masl in Tablón, Cartago.

For many years, Don Alexis Ramirez struggled to produce coffees that are good enough for the specialty coffee market. However, he realised that the key to increasing his coffee quality is by having complete control of the processing method. It wasn’t an easy task to achieve. However, in 2015 he successfully built the Don Alexis micro-mill and process all of his coffees. Since then, the quality of his coffees improved exponentially. Sadly, he passed away in 2017.

Today the Ramirez Navarro family continues the legacy to produce high-quality coffees. For the last five years, they have been developing the ideal processing methods such as washed, honey, natural, washed anaerobic, natural anaerobic and double fermentation to bring the best result out of their coffees. This coffee shows you the incredible result they achieved.


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