Belen, Colombia, Black


lime, red apple, dried cranberry, vanilla

washed process

caturra, colombia, castillo varieties


Not so long ago, Colombian farmers were forced to sell their coffee to large exporters at below-average prices. This has only changed thanks to several organizations that work with smaller growers and sell their coffees directly to importers or roasters. As a result, today they will receive 30-300% more for their efforts.

In addition to its taste, Inza Belen is also exceptional in the area in which it is located. Views of the Pacific Ocean and high hills, which are an important source of water as well as a home for wildlife. This coffee is the result of the joint work of about 40 small growers from the Belen district, formed by the Caturra and Colombia varieties. At an altitude of 1750 – 2100 meters above sea level, coffee cherries ripen more slowly, making the resulting taste more complex and sweeter.

People can also perceive tastes through colors. And we were clearly convinced of that with this coffee. Green tones reminiscent of lime and white grapes blend beautifully with red elements reminiscent of the taste of red apple and dried cranberries. Yeah.


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