Los Lajones, Panama, Doubleshot


mango, sour cherries in chocolate, orange peel

Caturra variety

natural and anaerobic fermentation processing

Complex and juicy coffee with great aromatics, processed using a combination of natural and anaerobic method at Los Lajones farm in Boquete, Panama. Graciano Cruz once again delivered an astonishing coffee with sweet notes of mango, sour cherries in chocolate and orange zest.

Los Lajones is a well-known farm situated in the micro-region known as Cañas Verdes high on the hills of Volcán Barú, owned by Graciano Cruz. Our coffee is processed using an innovative combination of traditional “natural” method and anaerobic fermentation. Ripe coffee cherries are first fermenting in plastic 200 l barrels for 5-15 days (depending on the ambient temperature). Afterwards, they dry on raised “African” beds. The resulting cup of our lot is extremely sweet and complex.



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