Itagyba Oliveira, Brazil, Supremo


dark berries, peach, maracuja

pulped natural process

Catuai Amarello varietal

SCA cupping score: 94,71

The history of coffee growing on the “Ondas da Mantiqueira” farm goes back to the Brazilian Empire era in the early 1850s. Today, only the architecture of the farmhouse is reminiscent of the Brazilian “Imperial Epoch”. The current owner “Itagyba de Oliveira” has spent a great deal of time and effort to make the entire farm sustainable and certified in organic farming. When we arrived, Itagyba and his team were in the middle of harvesting and processing of bananas. Banana trees serve as shade trees for his coffee plants and as another source of income for the farm.

There are seven natural water sources on the property, which also favuor the cultivation and quality of the coffee.

We are very happy to present this delicious and ecologically sustainable micro lot of the Oliveira family.


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