Finca Hartmann, Panama, Doubleshot



pineapple, yellow melon, muscovado sugar

native Ethiopian heriloom varieties

natural process

Finca Hartmann lies in the heart of Santa Clara region at the border of Panama and Costa Rica. It belongs to La Amistad park and is home to more than 300 species of birds.

The farm is world famous for their approach to the ecosystem around them, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute made base here for a few years and there were many scientific works published about Finca Hartmann.

This coffee comes from the 4th harvest year of the native Ethiopian heirloom varieties that were planted here. Mr Ratibor Hartmann was looking for the next “Geisha” and he certainly is not alone. Most of the progressive farmers in Panama are doing the same and they are mainly looking into the Ethiopian heirloom varieties.

Manual picking of cherries happens at the state of maximum ripeness. First, they dry on African beds for 8 days. Afterwards, the cherries go into a special dehydration dryer machine that holds the temperature at stable 41,6 °C. They stay there for another 22 days. After de-pulping, the green beans go into vacuum sealed boxes for storage.


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