Coffee equipment doesn’t have to be super expensive and complicated to produce a great cup of coffee.

In fact, you only need a few tools to brew outstanding coffee at home. Find the most popular brewing methods and all the coffee equipment you need right here.

We highly recommend to start with a good hand grinder. This is the item where investing a bit more really pays off. You want to grind your coffee with proper burrs, not chop it with metal blades. You can really taste the difference when you grind with a good hand grinder. We have some right here, go ahead, take a look!

From now on it gets easier. Think about how much coffee you usually brew at once and choose a brewer that fits your needs. Maybe it’s better to buy a size 02 Hario V60 pour over brewer that can produce up to 500ml of coffee at one go and you can share that coffee with someone, that’s always nice! 🙂

Perhaps you want to play around a bit more? Aeropress is the way to go!
This little “toy” offers an infinite number of ways to brew a cup of coffee. There is even a World Aeropress Championship happening every year! Get some inspiration for your recipes from the best ones!

You will probably need a scale to be precise with your brewing as well as a kettle with a long thin spout to pour the water in controlled way. You don’t have to go fancy or super expensive here but of course, you can if you want to.

Good luck with your brewing adventures!


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