Espresso enthusiast? We can help!

In this category you can find your favourite coffees ranging from single-origins to seasonal blends. We have crisp and clean light espresso roasts for the purists as well as sweet and chocolaty ones for the cappuccino lovers.

Find outstanding specialty coffee beans from the most interesting European roasters all in one place. Discover unique origins and flavour profiles of the highest grade specialty coffee beans.

Mix and match as you like!

Espresso beans from your favourite roaster from Denmark? Check. A light Ethiopian filter roast from a well known company in Germany? Got it! Perhaps an experimental process of unusual variety from an emerging roaster from central Europe? We have that as well!

Explore the wonderful world of specialty coffee with us. Take a look at our media page where you can find recipes and tips and trick from our baristas to help you enjoy your cup of coffee to the fullest. Feel free to get in touch if you have more questions!

We offer free shipping on all orders over 40 € within Germany.


We offer free shipping for all orders above 40 € within Germany.

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