Flash Brew Coffee

It’s refreshing, it’s light, and you likely already have everything you need to create it in your kitchen.
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There is a world of ways to make coffee. Some methods include slowly dripping it through intricate glass tubes, under the pressure of a nine bar machine, and even poured through a sock. Oh well, maybe that last one isn’t for everyone.

In this article, we’re going to focus on flash brew coffee. Also commonly known as Japanese style iced coffee, flash brew coffee is a summer favorite. It’s quick, cold, easy to make, and usually only requires adding some ice to your normal morning routine.

Flash brew is regularly mixed up with cold brew, yet the two drinks are very different in both method and result. Both are cold coffee, yes, but not in the ‘oh whoops, looks like I left my morning coffee out for a few hours’ way.


Flash Brew is your regular pour-over coffee, but with a little hot water taken out and a bit of ice thrown in. In all variations of this drink, brewed coffee is diluted over ice to bring down its temperature. In our method below, ice is placed directly into the carafe so it cools and dilutes as the coffee is extracting. The coffee solution can also be brewed completely hot and then poured over ice.

Popular across Japan’s coffee circuit, flash brew is excellent for hot humid days when you are still craving that clarity of flavor and body. Unlike cold brew, which can have a heavy mouthfeel and a preparation time of over 20 hours, flash brew only takes a few minutes.

Japanese style iced coffee is also suitable for any origin of coffee. The method won’t make worry about muddling those chocolate notes from your favorite Guatamalen crop or the bright blackcurrant sweetness from the newly roasted Kenyan.

It’s refreshing, it’s light, and you likely already have everything you need to create it in your kitchen. So why not try it out?


So now for the brewing part!

The below recipe can be switched up but the important thing is to keep close to the water/ice/coffee ratios. This will lead to enjoying both a cold and delicious drink at the end. (We used a slightly different recipe to produce one cup of coffee, the recipe below will yield more)

If you feel your coffee isn’t as good as it gets, you can play with variables such as the setting of your grinder, the temperature of your brewing water, or the speed of your pour.

What you need to make 500 grams of flash brew.

  • 34 grams of freshly ground coffee (around med coarseness)
  • 340 grams of hot water (around 94 degrees celsius)*
  • 160 grams of ice
  • A large carafe
  • Your drip brewer
  • The correct filter for your brewer
  • A kettle/pouring vessel
  • A scale

^Don’t have a way to read your water temperature? Bring the water to boiling point and leave it to then sit for about 2 or 3 minutes before brewing.


  1. First, wet the filter paper and turn on your scale.
  2. Weigh out 160 grams of ice in your carafe and place it on the scale.
  3. Put your brewer on top and distribute the coffee grounds in the filter.
  4. Zero your scale and get you hot water ready!
  5. Starting the timer, quickly and carefully pour 70 grams of water to bloom the coffee. Make sure all the grounds get wet, avoiding the bare sides of your filter. The coffee should begin to ‘bubble’ a bit. Pouring in clockwise circles can help to keep control of the flow rate.
  6. At 30 seconds, pour 100 grams, slowly bring your poured water total up to 170 grams.
  7. At 1 minute, slowly bring your total up to 250 grams.
  8. At 1 minute 30 seconds, finish off your brew at 340 grams.
  9. Wait for your coffee to complete brewing. Keep note of the time the water mostly finishes getting through.
  10. Serve in a glass with additional ice if desired.


And enjoy!

If you’d like to know a bit more about this method of brewing it’s always good to listen to James Hoffmann.

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