Happy Baristas is a multi roaster shop. Whats all this about…?

We bring in our coffees from all over Europe to use on our brew bar and retail shelf. We use our favourite coffees from our favourite independent coffee roasters. Good people doing good things!

We rotate regularly so there is always something new to taste.
And the best part? We get to play with all the delicious coffees… and so do you!


Don’t know what we’re talking about?

It all started with Nitro Cold Brew. Cold brewed black coffee served from a tap just like a pint of stout beer. Charged with nitrogen, the coffee comes out super creamy and creates a beautiful cascading effect in the glass. The perfect refresher on a hot summer day!

But wait, there’s more…
In fact, we have 5 nitro taps on our bar pouring deliciousness nonstop:

Nitro Ice Tea – we love to play around with different local teas. Creamy, served over ice. You’re welcome.

Nitro Cold Brew Martini – it’s alcoholic, it’s delicious.

Nitro Oatly Latte – super creamy for those milky coffee lovers out there.

Nitro Matcha Latte – Matcha is great. Everyone loves matcha. If you haven’t tried one yet, we’re the place in Berlin to do so.


We cook daily, we cook seasonally. Comfort food that tastes best when shared with someone. Dishes we would like to eat on a brunch date.

We also bake a lot of cakes and pastries, many are vegan or gluten free. (but a classic warm cinnamon bun in the morning is to die for)


Actually, not just any cocktails.
COFFEE COCKTAILS to be precise.

We like to play with coffee and more specifically to mix it with good alcohol. Twists on classics, original creations, easy drinks ideal for brunch. If you’re a rum lover, you’re in for a treat!