Nitro Brews in 2017

Summer of 2017 will be fueled by nitro!

Even though it’s the middle of winter, we at Happy Baristas are busy planning our next season. Our Nitro Coffee and Nitro Tea proved to be extremely popular last summer, so this year we have decided to take it a step further.

We are working on a new range of nitro drinks and we have our first mobile station ready to go! Yes, we are going out of the café for summer! At the moment we are talking to various festivals, markets, and events where you can find us later this year. We are starting to offer our Nitro Brews range for other business as an addition to their drink menu.

Are you looking for refreshing, energizing drinks for your office? Are you having a special event, a launch of a brand or a record release party? Would you like to add a nitro tap to your bar?

We can offer a special catering with a range of Nitro Coffees, Teas and Lemonades with tailor made craft cocktails designed for you. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic coffee cocktails are our specialty, take a look at this article about our coffee cocktail menu for last year’s Berlin Coffe Festival!

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about nitro possibilities for you!