New Courses Added!

How’s your spro, bro?

It took us some time, but finally, here they are!

We added a basic Espresso Course and a basic Latte Art Course to our range of workshops. Many of you are passionate home baristas or want to start a career in the coffee industry and asking how or where to start. These 2 courses will help you with the beginning of your journey. They are mainly designed for people with no or very little experience, so don’t be afraid!

The Espresso Course will take you through the whole process of making this tiny concentrated drink step by step. We will keep it very simple, no previous experience needed. You will learn how to set up the grinder, how to use scales, how to dose, distribute and tamp properly. We will show you the basic workflow around the machine and the grinder and how to keep your station clean while working.

In our Latte Art Course, we focus on milk. Do you want to make those nice hearts and tulip shapes in your morning cappuccino? Well, it takes a lot of practice and patience, but we will help you with the beginning of your pouring adventure. We will steam and pour, steam and pour, steam and pour, … It’s all about practice and consistency. And fun! A lot of fun!

Visit the Workshop Section and take a look at next available dates for all courses!